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Improve ED door-to-doctor timeIncrease OR room turnaround speedRaise OR Quality ScoresSpeed patient dischargesReduce reinfection ratesDecrease readmission ratesIncrease profits without negative impacts

The Lean Learning Center offers the most comprehensive skill-oriented curriculum available. We don’t just do training—we provide proven methodologies, adaptable resources, battle-tested strategies, and world-class support from industry experts with decades of hands-on experience.

Thousands of companies worldwide—from startups to Fortune 500—rely on our models to drive their business and power their strategies.

Jumpstart your lean learning journey and level up your success! We offer various inspiring and educational workshops from foundational to advanced along with professional certifications.

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A complete ecosystem of support

At Lean Learning Center, we believe in continuous, life-long learning. That’s why we offer the widest range of resources, tools, online courses, and more. Subscribe & save.

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Put your team’s training to work

Turn your team’s training into actionable, repeatable skills with Lean Learning Labs. Our expert facilitators and hands-on approach give your team the practice they need while building useful skills that can be used over and over again.


Be the power behind your company’s success

Lean Learning Center is the transformational partner for today’s businesses, providing immediate impact through actionable and practical training. Beyond workshops, simulations, and classroom experiences, courses are available online. Elevate your career and your skills by getting Lean Certified.

Live Office Hours

One of our world-class instructors will be on hand to clarify or answer your question and provide you with the expert advice you’ve been looking for. Ongoing coaching and development programs are available for leaders, train-the-trainer, and subject matter experts. Speak to a consultant now (link) about subscription options to support your team.

Upcoming Lean Experience® Dates

March 20 – 24, 2023
Lean Training Lab
Oakland University
Rochester, Michigan

July 17 – 21, 2023
Lean Training Lab
Oakland University
Rochester, Michigan

October 16 – 20, 2023
Lean Training Lab
Oakland University
Rochester, Michigan

Course Catalog

The most comprehensive skill-oriented curriculum available.


The Lean Experience®

A total immersion workshop in true lean thinking. The Lean Experience® course covers the principles and rules that enable a lean transformation. Reinforcing the Learn-Apply-Reflect process, the objective of this course ...


Lean Foundations

A three-day workshop to build common thinking as the foundation for lean transformation. Looking to begin a solid ...


Leading Lean

A total immersion workshop in true lean thinking. The Lean Experience® course covers the principles and rules that enable ...


Lean Kata

The Lean Kata workshop is an intense hands-on training with the objective of providing fundamental skills necessary to integrate ...


Go and See

Engage in rapid development of your team and improvement of your processes. The Go and See Workshop is a ...


5S / 6S

What is 5S? A 5-step process to achieve a safe, efficient, orderly and organized workplace: Sort Set in order ...


Six Sigma DMAIC

Six Sigma DMAIC is a structured problem solving methodology that achieves business success by attacking critical problems through rigorous ...

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With our digital courses you’ll have 24/7 access to your self-paced learning journey.


A competency-based lean certification program designed to deliver results.

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Be the power behind your company’s success

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Materials that help learners more actively engage and enhance understanding of various lean concepts.

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