Quick changeover reduces setup and teardown time of machines and equipment and the time from the last good part/unit of the prior run until the first good part/unit of the next run. This is sometimes referred to as Single-minute Exchange of Dies techniques, or SMED.

Why use quick changeover?

Adopting a quick changeover process can improve your production capacity without additional capital investment.  Quick changeover reduces setup and teardown time of equipment while eliminating the waste of waiting and excess inventory.  A faster changeover time will also allow you to be more responsive to your customers’ varied product demands.

  • Eliminate the waste of waiting in the process that is inherent with long set-up times
  • Reduce the waste of inventory by running smaller batches using faster setup times

How do you use quick changeover?

Quick changeover techniques can be applied anywhere a setup and/or changeover is required to meet customer demand. Examples would include, machining operations, stamping operations, assembly work, mixing, fabrication, etc.

  • Separate Internal Tasks from External Tasks
  • Convert Internal Tasks to External Tasks
  • Streamline Remaining Tasks
  • Eliminate Adjustments
  • Maximize and sustain results

In this workshop, we teach and explain how quick changeover techniques can help your organization expand capacity without additional capital investment. We’ll discuss the advantages and challenges of improving your changeover performance, including what factors are critical for quick changeover success, the required steps to successfully implement a quick changeover program, how to maximize your results, and how to sustain your progress. These techniques can save valuable manufacturing time and support higher quality products and more consistent manufacturing methods.  Any constrained manufacturing operation will benefit from quick changeover methods.

  • What is quick changeover (SMED) and how to use it
  • How the lean rules and principals support quick changeover
  • Lean tools to support quick changeover
  • Team structure of quick changeover
  • Describe the implementation process
  • How to execute quick changeover within an area of your organization
  • How using Lean quick changeover techniques increase capacity without additional capital investment
  • Establish a daily practice to sustain your program

Key Benefits:

  • Identify and remove non-essential material and waste
  • Ensure workplace order
  • Enable quick problem detection
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Free up space
  • Improve working conditions
  • Improve employee morale and motivation

The Quick Changeover (SMED) workshop is held onsite at your location. We start with a half-day introduction and instruction (handouts provided). After the half-day of instruction, we get right to work reducing changeover times in your target area(s). The workshop normally requires 2-3 days. We recommend two follow-up consultation days to expand quick change over and audit progress. Large groups may require an additional coach/facilitator at an additional cost. Please reach out to us for an exact quote at your site.


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